The Daily Word 03.12.09

The Daily Word

Bernie Madoff to appear in court today; will face victims. Expected to plead guilty.

Iraqi journalist who threw shoe at Bush sentenced to three years in prison.

Killer in German high school mass murder posted on the Internet about what he would do before he did it.

Two more bodies found on West Side identified.

Magazine salesmen accused of killing Albuquerque couple in 2007 freed.

As cities go from two daily newspapers to one, many expect there soon to be cities with none.

Thanks to Google, you can now read your voicemails.

"Lost" was a rerun last night. Freshen things up and have Sawyer give you a nickname. Mine's 'Lollipop.'

Bristol Palin splits from boyfriend Hockeyhair Teenager.

*Heathers* to be turned into stage musical. I get to be red.