The Daily Word 03.17.09

The Daily Word

Happy St. Patrick's Day. Is Guiness good for you? Who cares? It's St. Patrick's Day.

Manny Aragon to be sentenced today.

Pipe bomb-making hippie released from jail.

Congressman wants to tax executive bail-out bonuses for one company.

NM whack job sent white powder to banks.

What happens when newspapers go web-only.

Pope says condoms could make Aids in Africa worse.

And there's an Aids epidemic in D.C.

Obama is popular, but in an average way?

Tips for saving $20,000 per year...give up your cell phone is one.

MRI lie detection adds more creepiness to the future.

How human brains see the future.

"Family Guy" wins copyright infringement case.

Do older moms have smarter kids?

Nude hikers moon Switzerland.

Natasha Richardson injured in skiing accident.

Album of the day: "Frizzle Fry" by Primus.

Weather: Highs in the low '70s. Friday holds a 30 percent promise of rain.