The Daily Word

Weekend Edition: Headlines from Everywhere

Former First Lady Dee Johnson dies in her sleep in Taos cabin. She was only 53.

Lobos lose in bowl game, haven't won since 1961.

New Mexico wind turbines provide power to Arizona.

Tribune's top ten week in world news.

Not so happy holidays for law enforcement officers: One of their own releases video on how to beat drug busts.

Senators Clinton and Obama are starting to drive out competitors in Democratic field for president.

Defense Secretary returns from Iraq briefing President Bush. I predict, Solution: Send more troops.

Apocalpyse Now: This is all I was waiting for to know the end is nigh!

U.N. imposes sanctions on Iran, not enough though for U.S.

U.S. led forces claim to have killed top Taliban leader.

Miami Herald: 2006 Most Memorable Moments.

Toyota now plans to become number one U.S. automaker. Maybe American car companies shouldn't have killed the electric car. They could also make fuel efficient (and hybrid) cars that appeal to consumers, nah.

Governor Schwarzenegger breaks leg skiing.

South Korea on killing spree to stem spread of bird flu.