The Daily Word 03.18.09

The Daily Word

Lawmakers, and everyone else, want AIG to pay back bonuses.

Austrian changes plea to guilty in incest/kidnapping/murder case.

Man gets randomly shot while driving on Montgomery.

Attention office pools: Computer model has UNC winning NCAA tournament.

George W. Bush to write book on 12 toughest decisions made in office. No. 10, Skippy or Jif.

New Mexico Senate says confirmation of UNM's Board of Regents this session unlikely.

Extreme mothering (having over a dozen kids) because God wants you to is a movement now named Quiverfull. "Family planning is the mother of abortion."

New York actor who is in a play where he must life a man who cannot walk saves a man who fell on the subway tracks, lifting him because he could not walk.

Natasha Richardson may be brain dead.

Kindergarten teacher charged with making student eat from garbage.