The Daily Word 03.24.09

The Daily Word

Some dislike mayoral public financing. Mainly the ones who won't be mayor.

College of Santa Fe to be saved from closing.

"Populist rage" in America? Sorry, but isn't everyone too stupid and TV-addicted for that?

Artist's story is that of a necktie floating away.

Pension changes for NM public employees.

Obama to strengthen border.

Airlines to lose money like everyone else.

I don't know if this is sick, but I kind of want to see corporate capitalism completely fall apart.

Red meat is bad for you, again.

AIG are a bunch of fraudulent fuckers.

Who is the real North Pole discoverer?

Ways to fix the grid.

Legalize it!

Album of the day: "The Color of Success" by Morris Day. (Stop messing with Prince!)

Weather: Cold for the end of March.