The Daily Word 03.25.09

The Daily Word

New Mexico to build a giant solar plant. Finally.

Richardson has second thoughts about open conferences bill.

Hey, home sales are up!

The U.S. Postal Service will run out of money this year unless it gets help.

The U.S. Supreme Court debates a movie about Hillary Clinton?

What the hell is this thing? A car? A fish?

A 73-year-old man accidentally pays Qwest more than $12,000. Oops.

Democrats take out 100 big ones (and I mean big ones) from Obama’s plan.

Blockbuster and TiVo team up.

Wow. Mayor Chavez was one of six elected leaders chosen to participate in a conference call with Biden on how to spend the stimulus cash.

North Dakota is flooding.

In response to user reactions to its new design, Facebook is re-tweaking itself.