The Daily Word 03.31.09

The Daily Word

New Mexico Film Office to partner with Department of Workforce Solutions for a romantic comedy about skilled labor amidst an economic downturn. The $12 million dollar film is funded by the feds and stars Gov. Bill Richardson.

It's Wildfire Awareness Week, celebrate by reading about grass fires down around Hobbs.

Two million acres of wilderness gained protection yesterday, including 16,000 in New Mexico.

New Mexico versus Colorado: Whose chile chips are more authentic? Or in New Mexico's case, "chili" chips.

A call for the return of yellow journalism.

What's up with the government taking control of GM?

Home prices down by 19 percent some places.

New study finds poverty gets in the brain.

Humans should be worried by amphibian die-offs, according to this article.

US Supreme Court tells Philip Morris no dice.

How much is tinyurl worth?

New reason to want an it has Skype.

Planet Unicorn, heyyy. (YouTube link.)

Album of the day: "Happy Nightmare Baby" by Opal.

Weather: Highs in the upper '50s today and tomorrow, warming to the low '70s come Friday.