The Daily Word 04.17.09

The Daily Word

Jury sides with the police in the case of the naked dancers.

Ex-pastor, gay-rights opponent and boyfriend of a male escort, Ted Haggard will speak in Albuquerque this weekend.

"America's Most Wanted" films the mesa graves.

If you throw out a lot of stuff, you might have to pay more for trash pickup.

Tattoo shop or front for gun smuggling? Or both?

This man is expected to testify that he killed an editor in Oakland to prevent the publication of an article.

Poor Gov. Richardson, exiled in the desert, writes the Washington Post.

Is the safe-sex message prompting an unhealthy rebellion?

Jedi police officers.

Gov. Sarah Palin still exists. Says Obama sux and abortion is bad.

Life in the parking lot of a Britney Spears concert.

Haussamen asks L.C. tea partiers: How should we fix the economy then?