The Daily Word 04.21.09

The Daily Word

Albuquerque City Council, Mayor Chavez war over budget, swimming at Tingly Beach.

More on Mayor, and his alleged entitlement complex.

It's fun to read travel articles about New Mexico. This one is about the Petroglyphs. This one is about Taos. This one is about Acoma.

Domestic propaganda story wins Pulitzer, didn't make the news.

All female ant species never has sex.

The alien detection systems of the future.

Grants superfund site gets some stimulus.

Dick Cheney is looking as creepy as ever, and wants classified terror suspect interrogation tapes released.

Weird photos of what politicians wore to the Summit of the Americas this weekend.

The International Monetary Fund warns that the financial meltdown will cause problems for years to come...zzzz....let's party!

Vegan activist on FBI's most wanted terrorists list.

"Foolery, sir, doth walk about the orb like the sun" ... on talk like Shakespeare day in Chicago.

Album of the day: "Field Day" by Dag Nasty.

Weather: Highs of 79 degrees and partly cloudy all week long.