The Daily Word 04.30.09

The Daily Word

Chrysler will file for bankruptcy today.

Swine flu in New Mexico.

Lance Armstrong races in NM's Tour of the Gila.

Britain hightails it out of Iraq.

Judge sentences former mayor Ken Schultz to five years probation, over half a mil in restitution.

That creepy "a storm is coming" anti-gay marriage ad is followed up with one featuring Miss California and Perez Hilton.

Sen. Dick Durbin admits that the banks "own" Congress.

Rep. Virginia Foxx says new hate crime legislation shouldn't be named after Matthew Shepard because he wasn't the victim of a hate crime.

"The Golden Girls" was seriously genius. RIP Estelle and Bea.

Elizabeth Edwards' upcoming memoir reveals she wasn't so stoked about her husband's affair.

Sean Penn files for divorce again from Princess Bride.

It's Willie Nelson's birthday.