The Daily Word 05.02.09

Weekend Edition

The Daily Word

Yawn, this global pandemic is getting boring.

Don't have too much fun, Cinco de (swine flu) Mayo police superblitz begins today.

It's free comic book day. Here's where you can join in locally.

Dinosaur news: Some may have survived the great extinction ... these gentle giants may even walk among us today. (I made the last part up.)

Science makes a genetic map of Africa.

Why are we measuring Obama's presidency in 100 day increments?

No travel to Mexico for UNM until further notice.

Teen girl fends off bad guys with marching band baton.

Stay away from the Hydroxycut.

Fun new gadgets.

Album of the day: "Star" by Belly.

Weather: Rain today, highs in the low '70s. Temperatures rise to the mid '80s by Tuesday.