The Daily Word 05.05.09

The Daily Word

Richardson says Obama to visit New Mexico.

A New Mexico horse won the Kentucky Derby Saturday.

Albuquerque City Council wants the mayor investigated.

Get mild swine flu this spring, gain immunity to more severe version come fall.

Apple and Google face antitrust suspicions.

NMSU's Chile Pepper Institue to partner with Ohio hot foods company in the usage of the world's hottest pepper.

Biden bosses Israel.

No death penalty repeal for Colorado.

Scenic drives around the world ... you know at least one includes that morbid Colorado.

Post-tornado Kansas town engages in green building, gets some sweet geodesic domes.

Girl finds condom in happy meal.

The 25 most important war films.

New, Albuquerque-filmed Terminator movie to come out on the 21st.

Dom Deluise dies at 75.

It's Cinco de Mayo AND Taco Tuesday!

Album of the day: "The Romantics" by The Romantics.

Weather: Clear with highs in the mid '80s today, warming to the low '90s by Thursday.