The Daily Word 06.03.09

The Daily Word

APS' low-income schools face budget cuts. Wait a minute, didn't APS discover an "extra" $16 million last week?

A "major" drug announcement to be made by two of Obama's people this Friday in Albuquerque.

LANL starts sending waste to WIPP.

Richardson, perhaps in an attempt to resurrect his image, is bailing out a small Santa Fe elementary school.

The MRGCD race is decided, and the challengers won.

Bin Laden doesn't like Obama either. Surprise.

Meanwhile, Obama tries his hand again at peacemaking in the Middle East.

Princeton goes on lockdown due to a toy gun.

The economy might be improving, but a bunch of people are still losing their jobs.

New Hampshire may become the sixth state to allow gay marriage today.

Accidental "nuclear disclosure."

New secretary of the army named.