The Daily Word 06.16.09

The Daily Word

Proposed penalties for meaningless engine revving: Some bikers argue safety, city argues they're showing off.

Retire your computer, printer, fax machine (really, retire your fax machine), etc. responsibly.

Eerie falcon cries amidst barren canyon lands becoming more common.

Sandia Labs looking to team up with local businesses. For what, the article doesn't bother to mention.

More than 1,000 turn out for state police officer's funeral services.

James Joyce's Ulysses is on Twitter.

See endangered butterflies while they're hot.

Cancer drug has beautiful, wrinkle-fighting side effects.

Pre-Stonehenge remains discovered.

How to shop for eco-friendly cookware.

Alcohol's good for you?! Some think not.

Album of the day: Dead Serious by Das EFX.

Weather: Hotter today, cooler tomorrow, even hotter by Friday.