The Daily Word 06.17.09

The Daily Word

President to announce largest regulatory overhaul since Great Depression.

ABQ City Council to decide if bikers on Central can be fined for revving their engines for absolutely no reason at all other than to be loud and mean.

Crackdown on protesters in Iran continues.

Boy who disappeared 54 years ago may have been found.

Republican Senator wonders if Michelle Obama had something to do with the firing of an inspector general.

Federal employees' partners to receive benefits.

Listen to Terry Gross speak to a historian about the origin and nature of the military's "Don't Ask Don't Tell" policy.

Catholic priest caught kissing woman leaves Catholic Church, joins Episcopal Church and marries said woman.

Credit card issuers reduce balances, take what they can get.

City website tracks dangerous dogs.

Community gardens spring up in Santa Fe's Railyard District.

Drunk Belgian girl wanted three stars tattooed on her face, passed out, woke up with a face full of 56 stars.

Cardboard box is the new hipster crib.