The Daily Word 08.20.09: Fraud, Murder, Short Round

The Daily Word

Rebecca Vigil-Giron indicted for fraud, embezzlement and money laundering. Here is the indictment.

Scots release Lockerbie bomber to Libya.

Save women and girls, save the world.

Navajo cop gets 33 years for killing girlfriend.

Sen. Kennedy seeks to change Mass. law to make sure his seat is filled as quickly as possible should he die.

Dogs that killed elderly animal-loving couple euthanized.

Sen. Ensign says his affair with a staffer is nothing like Pres. Clinton's, whose impeachment he voted for.

German comedian runs for chancellor. Kind of.

Reality show person wanted for murder may be in Canada.

Oprah sues açai berry pushers.

New Zealand man finds wedding ring on sea floor a year after he lost it.

It's Jonathan Ke Quan's birthday.