The Daily Word 08.21.09

The Daily Word

PNM requests a monopoly on solar power.

Somebody tampered with the message on a Blake's Lotaburger sign, with humorous results.

KRQE does a sensational piece on desert raves, "dry fornicating" is mentioned.

Defense lawyers in Rebecca Vigil-Giron case want Attorney General King removed from case.

Bankrupt Eclipse Aerospace is purchased, will reopen in September 1.

Fed chair says world economy is on the mend.

Home sales on the rise along with unemployment.

FCC probes the wireless biz, ponders the meaning of broadband.

Lockerbie bomber/convicted murderer gets a hero's welcome in Libya.

Profiles of Earth's grossest animals.

Cash for Clunkers ends Monday.

Amazon, Microsoft and Yahoo team up to block Google's efforts to create a large virtual library.

Album of the day: "Who's Got the 10 1/2?" by Black Flag.

Weather: Low '90s, thunderstorms possible tonight.