The Daily Word 1.25.07

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The Daily Word

Former New Mexico State Treasurer Robert Vigil is headed to federal prison for 37 months. He got a big fine and probation, too.

Los Alamos National Lab nuclear waste is dangerous!

Legislative session brings lower gas prices in Santa Fe?

Navajo Code Talker David Tsosie has died at age 83.

Federal investigators flagged more than $300,000 of questionable purchases by Sandia National Laboratory employees in California.

University of New Mexico released a list of five potential candidates for UNM president.

Ford Motor Company has a multi-billion dollar bad year.

Training camps for al Qaeda flourish along Pakistani frontier.

Vice President Cheney staying tough: Iraq War is enormous success. Yeah right.

Chinese economy grew like crazy in 2006.

Uranium smuggler busted!

U.S. military's new ray gun shoots invisible fire!

High gas prices actually have Americans driving less--first time since 1980.

Global warming, will we hop all the way to the mass graves like amphibians?

Fidel Castro no longer fighting for life, now he's almost jogging!

Time Warner sells off a bunch of magazines to Swedes!

John Kerry won't run for president, no one to blame but himself.

Everybody loves a virgin birth!

Bush's Iraq plan not too popular with Senate committee.

Married folks would rather spend time with his/her computer than his/her spouse.