The Daily Word 10.27.2009: Scientology, Facebook, Feces

Internet could be clogged by flu searches, hysteria.

Stick a GPS on your kid, gives new meaning to term "Big Brother."

Eight more U.S. troops killed in Afghanistan.

Feces-tossing man gets 31 years in prison; monkeys tremble, fear retaliation.

Girl sexually assaulted for over two and a half hours at school's homecoming dance.

Facebook gets into the Halloween spirit, makes profiles available for the dead.

APD may have a DWI arrest quota.

Church of Scientology convicted of fraud in France.

Denver teacher accused of taping boy's mouth shut, teachers everywhere rejoice.

Disney's "Baby Einstein" videos a scam, parents to be refunded.

Texting the likely culprit behind car-and-bus collison.

New Mexico rated third best site for film.

This week in Who Cares: Chris Brown can't stop tweeting about Rihanna, new medical condition stuns doctors.

Cool runnings; temperature drops to the '40s tomorrow and Thursday.