The Daily Word 10.28.09: San Fran's Bridge Is Falling Down, and Why We Should Pray For No Earthquakes

The Daily Word

Out of the five NMSU presidential finalists named, two resigned from previous posts due to "alleged special favors to the politically connected."

If an earthquake hits LANL, the effects could be deadly. Luckily, earthquakes in the Los Alamos area only come about about once every few thousand years.

Are 1 in 12 truck drivers infected with Hepatitis C?

Gary Johnson for President?

More than 90 people were killed by a car bomb in Pakistan, hours after U.S. Secretary of State Hilary Clinton's plane touched down.

Two pilots lose their licenses after getting so caught up in conversation and laptop use that they overshot their destination by 150 miles.

Not to leave a corner of the market unturned, Google announces new GPS navigation app.

San Francisco's Bay Bridge closes after part of it falls off.

Water use along the Middle Rio Grande (that's us) is still unsustainable.

If you need help with your heater, call (505) 265-8514.

Perks given to White House donors.