The Daily Word 1.26.07

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The Daily Word

New Mexico's Catholic bishops want to stop funding for embryonic stem cell research.

Endangered Mexican gray wolves are increasing in numbers, survey reveals.

Good and bad news for Albuquerque's real estate market: Less homes sold overall than 2005 (but still the second best year ever) also the average price of single-family homes is up 11 percent from 2005.

New Mexico's Waste Isolation Pilot Plant received nuclear waste this week that's so radioactive it had to be handled by robots. Great!

Bill introduced at Round House that would prohibit protests within 500 feet of funeral sites.

Candidate Richardson against flying the Confederate fly.

Lewis Libby trial evidence reveals Vice President Cheney as ringleader.

"Scientist" develops doughnut with caffeine.

U.S. military has authority to kill Iranian operatives in Iraq as part of an aggressive new strategy to start World War III.

Taliban bad guys killed in Afghanistan by NATO, but the U.S. wants NATO to kill more bad guys in Afghanistan and quick! Bush plans to ask for $10-plus billion dollars from Senate to get his way.

Apprehended African drug smugglers get hanged to death in Singapore.

Poor Tyra Banks is sad mean things were said about photos of her body on the Internet; Governor Schwarzenegger's body isn't falling apart because of the steroids, it's old age!

Brain damage might help you stop smoking!

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez might ask the U.S. ambassador to leave.

New outbreak of bird flu, in Japan.