The Daily Word 11.06.09: Fort Hood, Gary Johnson, Baby Accents

The Daily Word

Fort Hood shooting suspect Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan is in stable condition.

What Hasan shouted before the shootings, and the female civilian cop who took him down.

American Muslims fear backlash. Hasan's family says he was harassed in the military and called "camel jockey."

That wasn't the first mass shooting in Killeen, Texas, home of Fort Hood.

New Mexican appointed to a position in Obama's cabinet charged with DWI.

Some people want ex-Gov. Gary Johnson to run for president.

In 1945, Albuquerque was as racially segregated as any city in the Deep South, according to old home deeds.

Jobless rate hits the double digits for the first time since 1983.

Two serious efforts to legalize marijuana in California.

Iranian math student criticizes the Ayatollah to his face and hasn't gone to jail yet.

Obama's brother writes a book about his abusive father.

Babies cry with accents.

100 things restaurants should never do.

Jon Stewart does Glenn Beck.