The Daily Word 11.13.09: Bruce King Dies, Child Brides Say No, Piss in the Garden

The Daily Word

Update: Former Gov. Bruce King died.

One of the guys charged with killing a CNM student hanged himself.

Major 9/11 suspect will be tried in New York. But Abd al-Rahim al-Nashiri will be tried before a military commission. (We interviewed his lawyer, who is from Albuquerque, in August).

A letter in defense of the hair-pulling Lobo soccer player.

What's this oily stuff cyclists discovered leaking into the Rio Grande?

These senators ditched the special session to go hunting.

Catholic Archdiocese says it will discontinue social services in D.C. if the city doesn't alter a same-sex marriage bill.

GOP chairman says Republican National Committee staff shouldn't have insurance for elective abortions.

Both parties suxxor on women's rights.

Why sick workers aren't staying home--even in H1N1 season.

White House counsel to step down. Obama's personal lawyer to replace him.

The media's botched handling of the Fort Hood shootings and Islam.

Just say no to becoming a child bride.

Labels lose money, but musicians rake in more.

Piss outside. It's good for the garden.