The Daily Word 11.14.09: Greehouse gas, Sarah Palin, skulls, The Prisoner, rain

Weekend Edition

The Daily Word

There was a shower for the Rio Grande Zoo's baby elephant.

CNM student Brittni Carlini's funeral held today.

Up with greenhouse gas emissions.

Why won't Sarah Palin go away?

Madoff's stuff sold to repay his swindlees.

Sweden's Hawaiian skulls go home.

No federal funding for abortion coverage: Only those who probably CAN afford to have kids get to terminate pregnancy.

And by the way, why aren't people mad about the defense budget?

Corrupt Louisiana ex-congressman who hid money in freezer gets 13 years.

Los Angeles gets more trains.

Apocalypses that didn't happen.

Former Miss California homophobe made eight known solo sex tapes.

AMC's remake of "The Prisoner" is kind of lame.

Weather: Rain tonight and tomorrow.