The Daily Word 11.17.09: Rapid Ride, Trousers, Marijuana

Obama on the hot seat after a controversial bow to Emperor Akihito of Japan.

Medical marijuana dispensaries to be subject to sales tax.

More job losses on the way.

87-year-old Tennessee Titans owner Bud Adams fined $250,000 for flipping off Bills fans from his luxury suite. Titans fans return the salute after team achieves shitty record throughout the season.

Gun sales on the rise as nation's fear increases.

In other delightful news, sexually transmitted diseases also on the rise.

Cut your grass or suffer a $1,000 a day fine.

Women still can't wear trousers in Paris.

A car and train collide, killing 4 in South Carolina.

Las Cruces also discussing ban on cell phone use while driving.

Rapid Ride gets a revenue boost, expansion and possible weekend service to come.

CNM's enrollment rate up 22% over the last two years.

The cooler weather is upon us; temperature in the mid '50s through the weekend.