The Daily Word 11.18.09 Suicides, Sexy Pirate, OH My Back!

The Daily Word

President Obama says he is close to a decision on troop increases for Afghanistan. Didn't he say that last month too?

Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton made a surprise trip to Afghanistan for President Karzai's inauguration.

Army suicides are up, could set a new record.

¿¿¿Mayor Chavez was paid almost $40,000 in workers comp???

Black Friday is next week, here is all the info on what stores you should be standing in front of at 3am.

Vice President Biden was on the Daily Show yesterday.

NM ski season starts this weekend.

BACON ALERT: If you still remember how to send a letter now you can send them in these bacon flavored envelopes.

For the second year in a row People's Sexiest Man Alive is Johnny Depp.

I wonder what the cast of The Greatest American Hero is up to?