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The Daily Word 12.16.09: Pen Pal, 900 Foot Jesus, Porn Rangers

By Tom Nayder [ Wed Dec 16 2009 9:32 AM ]
The Daily Word

Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke named as Time's Person of the Year.

Pen Pals? Obama sends secret letter to North Korea's Kim Jong Il.

Hide your Wookie: New study says science fiction knick-knacks on your desk may contribute to a hostile workplace for women.

Who is leading the world in robotics research?

Not Cool: Crestview man arrested after showing nude pics to kids at a McDonalds.

More proof the Shroud of Turin is fake.

Dead: Oral Roberts. (I wish I could think of a 900 foot tall Jesus joke.)

Racist: Toby Keith.

4-year-old killed in a crash on I-40.

Vote in Gawker's Douche of the Decade poll. Go Joe Francis!

Weird Job: Interview with anti-porn evangelists The Porn Rangers.

Listmania: What were the Top 25 BitTorrent sites of 2009?

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