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The Daily Word 12.16.09: Pen Pal, 900 Foot Jesus, Porn Rangers

The Daily Word

Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke named as Time's Person of the Year.

Pen Pals? Obama sends secret letter to North Korea's Kim Jong Il.

Hide your Wookie: New study says science fiction knick-knacks on your desk may contribute to a hostile workplace for women.

Who is leading the world in robotics research?

Not Cool: Crestview man arrested after showing nude pics to kids at a McDonalds.

More proof the Shroud of Turin is fake.

Dead: Oral Roberts. (I wish I could think of a 900 foot tall Jesus joke.)

Racist: Toby Keith.

4-year-old killed in a crash on I-40.

Vote in Gawker's Douche of the Decade poll. Go Joe Francis!

Weird Job: Interview with anti-porn evangelists The Porn Rangers.

Listmania: What were the Top 25 BitTorrent sites of 2009?

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