The Daily Word 12.21.09: Sexting, Brittany Murphy, Guns & Snowballs,

The Daily Word

Mom talks about trying to find forgiveness for the man who shot her 9-month-old.

He just ran off a cliff.

For all you parents out there: One in six teens sext.

Guy gets his stolen mandolins back.

Detective draws a gun during a snowball fight. (Video included).

The Mayon volcano in the Philippines is gonna blow.

Dems overpower the GOP, and the Senate could pass the health care bill before Christmas.

Brittany Murphy died.

The terrible ideas that came out of the last decade.

The worst movies of 2009.

Breaking the Facebook addiction.

Gay romance novels by and for straight women.

Airlines can't keep you on a stranded plane for more than three hours anymore.

What do blind people see?