The Daily Word 12.22.2009: Polanski, Santa, Dogs

Roman Polanski is finishing his latest film Ghost while under house arrest. Hopefully it's nothing like that other Ghost.

Pets worse for the environment than...SUVs? Government to enact "Cash for Collies" program.

What recession? This fund boss has made $7 billion and counting buying stock for cheap.

Is it a bird? A plane? No, that's just Santa Claus, Colombia tells Hugo Chavez.

A Massachusetts mother calls 911 on her son's incessant video game playing.

Did a lethal dose of prescription meds kill Brittany Murphy like Heath Ledger and Michael Jackson before her?

New Mexicans can rest easy traveling this holiday season; the Real ID program deadline has been extended through May 2011.

Baillio's owner buys back his own business after a deal with a non-local chain fell through.

The ignition interlock system, pioneered in New Mexico, may become a federal law.

Man killed after getting run over by two different cars.

The snow, it is a'comin.