The Daily Word 1.30.07

Today's Headlines from Everywhere

The Daily Word

Utility lines for construction at west side high school messed up ancient archeological site.

Illegal crossings decreased dramatically along New Mexico border with Mexico. Maybe due to the tunnels under border elsewhere?

The state of New Mexico ordered U.S. Airways to stop serving booze on New Mexico flights after fatal DWI accident in November.

Better salaries for New Mexico teachers makes it harder to find principals to work for less.

Jemez Pueblo drum group, Black Eagle, has been nominated for another Grammy Award.

Newspaper editor at Las Vegas, N.M. university urged by administrator not to publish negative stories.

2008 presidential hopefuls stack up like firewood.

The Obama Messiah Watch starts on Slate! Obama hits Bush hard over hurricane debacle.

Washington's Scooter Libby Trial: It's not the crime, it's the coverup.

Scientists' report paints ever-bleaker picture of climate change. World's largest coral reef might die within decades.

Europe and U.S. have new reason to disagree: Iran sanctions. Bush says he doesn't have plans to invade (Iran).

Ceasefire begins in Gaza Strip.

Japanese woman, 114, now oldest person.

Microsoft launches Vista operating system tonight, blah.

Radar Online proves the fine art of cruel captions is alive and well: Sundance Babylon photo galleries!