The Daily Word 1.31.07

Today's Headlines from Everywhere

The Daily Word

Dallas developers top list for downtown arena complex.

Rail Runner Express supposed to extend to Belen by the weekend. Supposed to eventually go to Santa Fe, too.

Washington politicos threaten to shut down Los Alamos National Laboratory over sloppy security.

More snow for New Mexico.

Truckers rule in Rio Rancho!

New Mexico death-penalty ban moving through Legislature.

Republicans dividing over Bush's new war strategy. U.S. House paints grim picture of Iraq and Afghanistan.

Auditors: Millions of U.S. dollars squandered in Iraq. Taliban is taking back positions that British military cleared previously.

CIA leak trial: Former New York Times' reporter Judith Miller contradicts 'Scooter' Libby's story.

Germany issues arrest warrants for 13 C.I.A. agents who kidnapped German citizen, oops!

Best-selling author Sidney Sheldon is dead at 89.

Bears, Beetles, Pines, Oh My.

Castro looking better on television.

Palestinian ceasefire holds for one day so far.

Vanity Fair editor's blatant dislike of Bush administration makes otherwise cheeseball magazine readable.

Smokable pain drug promise faster action.

It's the end of the first month of the new year, how are those resolutions coming?