The Daily Word 01.22.10: Air America, Suing a Smoker, Guantanamo 4-Eva

The Daily Word

Student-teacher sex through the gender lens.

This lady smokes in her front yard. Her neighbors are suing her for having to breathe it.

Undoing tax cuts for the wealthy would make the state $300 million, Democrats say.

Rain in the city. Snow other places. Forecast says it'll start clearing up tomorrow.

Video of a police officer beating a handcuffed Native American teenager becomes part of Santa Fe's mayoral race.

China says Clinton's call for ending Internet restrictions is "information imperialism."

Corporations are ready to influence elections.

Air America closes today and files for bankruptcy.

Health reform is coding.

Hold 50 Guantanamo detainees indefinitely without trial, recommends Justice Department task force.

Morphine's just the thing for avoiding PTSD.

Out-of-work architect sets up lemonade-stand-like stand.

Helen Mirren is bummed that tattoos are socially acceptable now. Maybe she just needs one on her face.

Full-body scanner catches cell phone but not bomb-making components.

Creepy life-forms from the deepest parts of the ocean.