The Daily Word 01.31.10: Pot bust, gay Super Bowl ad, Miss America, bullet trains

Weekend Edition

The Daily Word

Car smash goes up in smoke—in the Cheech and Chong sense.

13 more added to 16,000 dead in the Mexican narco war.

NM couple exchange kidneys, love.

U.S. Baptist group tries to steal Haitian babies.

It's the Grammy's and shitty "musicians" are getting awards left and right. On that note, Grammy-hater Neil Young won.

The republican Massachusetts senator-elect Scott Brown is pro-life, pro-state's rights and anit-tax. Will Illinois follow suit?

U.S. toughens against China.

The U.S. will finally get bullet trains!

What's more scary: Tiger Woods' sex fantasies or the fact that they found their way onto the internet?

Meet the new Miss America.

CBS rejects gay Super Bowl ad.

"Mad Men's" Jon Hamm was on "Saturday Night Live" last night and it was reportedly funny.

Weather: Highs in the mid-'40s this week with possible snow on Tuesday night and/or Wednesday.