The Daily Word 06.02.10: Gaga on King, Sushi In A Tube, What Does The Brown Note Sound Like?

The Daily Word

The Supreme Court says you need to speak up if you want to keep your Miranda rights.

Election results here, read the Alibi's liveblog transcript here.

Bad day for Al Gore: after announcing his divorce CNN accidently publishes his personal email address.

100 years after his death, Mark Twain's memoirs will soon be published.

Foucault's pendulum has been irreparably damaged.

Will you be sending your kids off to Glee-inspired summer camps?

Is the "brown note" on the list of the 10 most bizarre sounds?

Lady Gaga was on Larry King last night and I guess it was a big deal.

People are watching the Stanley Cup playoffs on TV?

Sushi in a tube looks a little grosser than the sushi they sell at the grocery store.

Subway does it again!

How to live like a dork Vulcan.

Cave paintings in Australia show extinct giant birds.

Ten inventors killed by their own inventions.

Couple buys a house and discovers a secret room full of moldy junk.

Make sure you wash your pesticide-contaminated fruits and vegetables.

I wonder what the cast of L.A. Law is up to?