The Daily Word 06.11.10: Oil spill, World Cup, digital billboards, living beyond your means

The Daily Word

Jemez burns anew.

Obama's old NYC apartment is for rent.

Pelosi on the oil spill; also, an analysis of its many hazards.

New Orleans oyster company, America's oldest at 134 years old, closes.

Brides are canceling their beach weddings along the gulf coast.

Teenage solo sailer Abby Sunderland was located in the Indian Ocean.

The World Cup is here, and people are jazzed about soccer, ahem, futbol.

It's Jacques Cousteau's 100th birthday—here are some zings under zee zea.

Were pre-historic sea monsters warm-blooded?

Floods kill 12 in Arkansas.

City councilor Issac Benton wants to ban digital billboards because they're ugly and a traffic distraction.

In New Mexico it's now OK to pass out drunk in your car if you don't intend to drive.

A 24-year-old talks about her first trip to an AA meeting.

The narcotic effects of video games.

Financial crisis: How the U.S. was allowed and encouraged to live beyond its means.

New Mexico may want the poor to pay for their own health insurance.

Seems like it would be hard to do tricks in a Celtics cheerleader uniform.

Gwyneth Paltrow and Madonna are no longer friends; Courtney Love underpantsless with Amanda Lepore.

Weather: Highs in the mid-'80s over the weekend.