The Daily Word 6.16.10: Obama Goes Small, Touchdown Jesus In Flames, Frankenburger or McGangbang

The Daily Word

The developer of the abandoned Anasazi building on 6th and Central has been indicted on charges of money laundering and bank fraud.

President Obama gave his first Oval Office speech last night. Nobody liked it.

A 52-year-old California construction worker was arrested in Pakistan on a mission to kill Osama bin Laden.

Mexican drug violence is out of control.

Recently released FBI records show the Kennedy brothers participated in presidential orgies. My grandma would be pissed.

Ethnic tensions in Kyrgyzstan force thousands to flee.

A new NPR poll shows a tough road for Democrats this election cycle.

Scientists are studying Ozzy Osborne's blood to figure out why he isn't dead.

The Frankenbuger sounds interesting, but too expensive. I'm more interested in the McGangbang.

What are the 8 mysterious unsolved sounds?

Now you can add all of Nicolas Cage's movies to your Netflix queue with one click.

Anthony Bourdain has written a new book. So did Glenn Beck, but I don't like him.

Objectivists rejoice! Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrugged is being made into a movie.

God destroyed Touchdown Jesus.

Has the Condiment Vandal's reign of terror been stopped?

I wonder what the original cast of Saturday Night Live is up to?