The Daily Word 06.30.10: Kagan Hearings Continue, Cigarette Tax Coming, Fishy Vodka

The Daily Word

Hurricane Alex could make landfall in Mexico tonight.

Elena Kagan's confirmation hearings continue today. Ironically, Republicans who spent yesterday criticizing her mentor, former justice Thrugood Marshall couldn't name a single case with which they disagreed with.

Stock-up before the new cigarette tax takes effect.

A faulty air conditioner has been blamed for last week's fire on Broadway.

Verizon may start selling the iPhone early next year.

Hulu unveiled a $9.99 a month subscription service. The good news is that you still get to watch all those sweet Bud Light commercials.

The heir to the McDonald's empire was attacked at his French villa.

Who knew Fox News had such a boring sex advice column?

A giraffe dies in front of a crowd of parents and children.

102 years ago today: The Tunguska event.

Are you ready for shit salmon flavored vodka?

The campaign ads from Arizona and Alabama are awesome in a crazy way.

The world's largest dinosaur graveyard has been found.

Here are 10 ways to party from beyond the grave.

Finally, a new way to eat waffles.

Wired breaks-down the best way to deliver bad news.

After 25 years on the air Larry King is ending that show I've never actually watched.

Breaking Bad won't be back until July 2011.

How can NBC save The Office after Steve Carell leaves at the end of this season?

What's the difference between Silly Putty and a McNugget? Turns out not much.

This is what happens when you unnecessarily censor the Food Network.

It's awesome in the Unitard Universe.