The Daily Word 07.28.10: Missing Oil Money, APD Shoots For #1, Do Not Vote For My Dad

The Daily Word

$8.7 billion out of the $9.1 billion in Iraqi oil revenue is unaccounted for.

What are you doing on September 11th? A church in Florida is planning a good old fashioned International Burn a Koran Day.

Congress passes $60 billion war funding bill.

Finally something we're number one at. There more police shootings in Albuquerque than other similar sized cities.

Thank God Jeb Bush isn't running for President.

Polygamist leader Warren Jeffs is getting a new trial.

Bizarro Father of the Year has ungrateful daughter.

I could really use one of those memory-erasing pills.

Justin Bieber hilariously tries to outrun his fans on a Segway.

Study shows washing raw chicken in the sink increases your food poisoning risk.

The Queen of England has a Flickr account! Englishist sounding picture title: Garden Party at the Palace of Holyroodhouse

Wedding photographer shot dead after asking couple to pose with guns.

If you are a creationist you probably shouldn't read this.

Enough with the ironic tattoos.

Heroic kid in Joker costume burns down his school.

Is it worth the hassle to make bacon ice cream?

The top 10 most violent movie theater attacks. SPOILER ALERT: Albuquerque made the list!

What does the most expensive hot dog in the world taste like?