The Daily Word 03.04.07

Weekend Edition

Wilson and Domenici catch hell for interference in corruption investigation.
Mesa del Sol financing plan and surface protection bills pass in house and senate. Meanwhile, the senate passes a bill that restricts $100 red-light camera fines to $15.
A WWII bombing range north of Double Eagle Airport may get a clean-up.
Newsweek poll shows Giuliani ahead of McCain.
Obama and Clinton showboat in Selma, Alabama.
FDA says "up yours" to experts, moves forward to approve potent antibiotic.
How Latin American drug cartels help Americans get coked-up, act like idiots.
Rioting in Copenhagen.
Americans kill 16 Afghani civilians, people are pissed.
The bird flu suprises a couple unfortunate folks in Laos.
Here's a forecast for this week's local weather.
And finally, Consumer Reports' best cars of 2007, to lighten the mood.