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The Daily Word 02.09.11: Beer Marshmallows, Plastic Rice, Chicken Wyngz

The Daily Word

The House fails to extend the Patriot Act.

President Obama is having lunch with the GOP leadership today.

China is making fake rice from plastic and selling it as real rice.

Governor Martinez is blaming NM Gas for the gas shortage.

School bus accident in Mississippi leaves 3 dead, and 60 injured.

Sources say production has begun on Apple's next-generation iPad.

Ever wonder what would it look like if Disney made a Superman cartoon?

I have a feeling this guy is getting fired.

Astrology has been re-affirmed as a trusted science in India.

Why isn't the liberal media covering the boneless wyngz controversy?

CNN admits it has a Fox Problem.

No one knows the reason why all Wells Fargo ATMs went offline this week.

Pharmacist accidentally gives abortion-inducing drug to pregnant woman.

Police find drugs in a man's penis.

Fox News calls Bulletstorm the worst game in the world.

Nerdy website overthinkingit.com analyzes 10 years of Law & Order episode outcomes.

Everything you ever wanted to know about Mike, the Headless Chicken.

Most distant galaxy yet has been discovered by the Hubble Space Telescope.

If I had ever successfully watched an episode of Dr. Who this flowchart may be more interesting.

Have a look at 14 of the most expensive meals in the world.

If you pirated a copy of The Expendables you should think about getting a lawyer.

Beer marshmallows? Beer marshmallows!

The CIA's Flickr page sucks way worse than the Alibi's.

Family thinks they're buying a Dora the Explorer DVD, actually gets Bubble Butt Bonanza #17 instead.

400 Super Bowl ticket-holders who were screwed out of their seats are offered a pretty sweet deal.

10 things you you should know before you go furniture shopping.

Happy Birthday Jim J. Bullock!

Public Comments (2)
  • Dr. Who flowchart  [ Thu Feb 10 2011 6:19 PM ]

    I hate change, so every time the Doctor has to regenerate, it takes me an average of 5 episodes to warm up to the new Doctor. Same thing when the Doctor gets a new companion.

    Obviously I'm a fan of Dr. Who and found the flowchart to be extremely interesting. I'm always saying that if the Doctor we're real and he asked me to accompany him through time and space, I'd go in a heartbeat. Even if, in all likely-hood, I'd die at our first destination.

    Last edited [2/10/11 6:19 PM]
  • Some people live pretty darn extravagantly  [ Thu Feb 10 2011 6:25 PM ]

    $800 for a ticket to the Superbowl or even 5 times that amount? That's a whole lot of money. I wonder how many starving villages in third world countries you could feed with that money. I'm not judging. I'm just saying.

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