Marriage equality rally at noon on Civic Plaza

In honor of love on Valentine's Day, people will gather in Downtown Albuquerque to embrace LGBT families.

Civic Plaza is in Downtown Albuquerque near Third Street and Tijeras.

Kelly Hutton, one of the demonstration's organizers, said in an interview that she's committed to her family. As someone who's a good aunty and "wants to have her her own family one day, I deserve the same rights as any other family member in the United States or in New Mexico. I'm a person of faith, as well."

Calvary Chapel is organizing a march against marriage rights for the LGBT community in Santa Fe today.

Three bills in the Legislature aim to define marriage in New Mexico as between one man and one woman. (Such bills are commonly referred to as Defense of Marriage Acts.) Hutton says she's not surprised by the number of DOMAs in the Roundhouse this year because of the conservative shift in political power. "There's been a movement to fight off a DOMA bill every year," Hutton said. "We have a lot of help. Right now, we're working toward getting people to be active and holding our allies accountable. There still is hope. There's always hope."

Today's rally on Civic Plaza is organized by Get Equal and Marriage Equality USA. It's part of a chain of demonstrations across the country.