The Daily Word 03.05.07

The Daily Word

Trucker pleads not guilty to mowing down property with big rig.

Eunice uranium plant recieves groundwater discharge permit.

Did Domenici violate senate ethics rules?

Title insurance company kickbacks not a good thing.

The life of an Albuquerque panhandler.

U.S. Supreme Court rejects New Mexico's murder dismissal appeal.

Several states, including New Mexico, want HPV vaccine for girls.

Substandard conditions at Walter Reed to be remedied.

Cheney's got a blood clot.

Bush to extend military and conversational olive branch to Russia.

Suicide bomber kills 20 in Baghdad.

Nine more Afghanis killed in U.S. attacks.

U.S. to chat with North Korea.

Big radio busted for payola.

FEMA trailer park closed in Louisiana.

Obesity triggers menses.

Partly cloudy today, for the rest of the week. See for yourself.

It's okay to burn.