The Daily Word 03.07.07

The Daily Word

It's an Ethics investigation for Domenici.

Oh, the irony: MADD employee nailed for driving drunk.

Folks are workin' on the Rail Runner.

Today's traffic jam was lame.

Crime in the Roundhouse: Three strikes expanded, senate votes to intensify DWI law.

Alamagordo's water restrictions.

Albuquerque's mad about red light cameras.

Libby conviction bad news for White House.

Bush on Walter Reed.

Lucky bastards win Mega Millions.

One for my homies: Ernest Gallo, of Ernest and Julio Gallo, dies.

Even more dead in Iraq today.

Jordan urges America to seek Middle East peace.

Plane crashes in Indonesia.

Khmer Rouge trials at risk.

The weather in Albuquerque is nice.

And for fun....incest in Germany.