The Daily Word 06.23.07

Weekend Edition

The Daily Word

New Mexico's gas is the second most expensive.

Good thing we're rolling in pecan revenues.

Many a winged vessel have crashed into the Sandias.

Southeast wildfire deemed fire of the century.

Miss Large Lady is delighted with her portly title.

Canada's Harper says the country can't comply with Kyoto.

John McCain is two-faced state the obvious.

Dog crowned world's ugliest. I say this hell beast is much uglier.

The Stranger fills us in on "everything we need to know about the gays."

Take a gander at the web's weirdest dating sites.

Motley Crue: Comprised of aqua-netted asses.

Beyonce has a nice ass, and a healthy relationship with food, apparently.

Weather: It's going to be so damn hot on Monday.