The Daily Word 06.25.07

The Daily Word

Richardson falls for litmus test metaphor.

New Mexico liquor laws are sort of fascist, may conflict with the constitution.

As the state eradicates mesquite, steaks become a little less flavorful.

"Bong Hits 4 Jesus" not protected as free speech.

Lake Tahoe still a nice place to visit despite fire monster.

Man gets pantsed in $54 million lawsuit over missing pants.

Echinacia works, it really works!

Congress hired to do Murdoch's evil biddings.

I won't say anything about Paris Hilton. Damn!

Eww. U.S. experiencing a scourge of staph infections.

Bill O'Reily is a total ass. Watch the video and find out why.

Weather: Oh my god! It's going to be 99 degrees today. That's really hot!