The Daily Word 06.30.07

Weekend Edition

The Daily Word

UK car bombs scare the shit out of people.

Nice headline: "Arm-wrestling family celebrates bond with brawn."

KOB story on Pajarito Mesa is about squatters.

Feds go after white supremacists in New Mexico.

Look out for higher PNM bills...or a colder winter.

Eric Prydz's "Call on Me": Is it possible to love and hate something so much?

Hong Kong marks 10 years since the UK handed it over.

"At the copa, Copacabana..." oh, wait, not any more.

Woman commits voter fraud after registering her dog.

Cat comes back after 10 years.

The Genographic Project discernes where in the world we came from.

See the military guide to Iraq...from WWII.

Weather: Why even bother? It's fucking hot!!!