The Daily Word 07.17.07

The Daily Word

The Blue Dragon is no more. It's a sad, sad day.

Rio Rancho's mayor steps down.

A new National Intelligence Estimate released today points to a potential al-Qaida attack on U.S. soil.

The quake in Japan makes things nuclear.

Bush pushes for peace in the Middle East. No, not in Iraq silly, in Palestine and Israel.

Really, no peace in Iraq. In fact, it's possible we'll be sending more troops come September.

And still on Iraq: Democrats plan to stay up all night to “encourage” Republicans not to back President Bush's Iraq plan.

Intel just revealed a new super fast processor that will be cheaper than the previous model. Intel workers in Rio Rancho must be so pleased.

And now for something completely different: Angels in the Florida sky?

The solution to high utility bills: A much, much, much smaller house.