The Daily Word 07.21.07

Weekend Edition

The Daily Word

Fossils of the dinosauromorph, the dinosaur's predecessor, found in New Mexico.

Mayor Chavez goes to China. Why? To accomplish the important goal of getting us a panda.

HIV cases in New Mexico women are on the rise. At least we're getting a panda.

Reality show taped in New Mexico features unsupervised children.

Apparently what's inside Bush's colon is considered news.

Activists say US torture ban is contrary to Geneva Conventions.

Martian dust storms leave Opportunity and Spirit with low morale.

Radar outage in Brazil worsens the country's aviation woes.

India just got their first female president.

Al Gore's son arrested after cops found the green in his Toyota Prius.

Politicians pleasing private interests hurts the frog.

Ouch! OxyContin maker and three execs fined $634.5 million for misleading public.

Johns Hopkins University finds, at the rate we're going, 75 percent of Americans will be overweight by 2015.

Things you already know: Martha Stewart is mean.

NYC Con Ed street explosion was several months coming.

IPhone raises questions about terms-of-service contracts.

Tammy Faye is dead at 65.

Prince gives his music away for free.

Weather: Thunderstorms this weekend.