The Daily Word 07.25.07

The Daily Word

Is YouTube the campaign forum of the future?

MySpace has found more than four times the number of registered sex offenders on their site as they did two months ago, totaling 29,000 …

… In other news, parents can now track their kids on MySpace.

Lohan got drunk again and might go to jail.

Drew Carey is the new host of “The Price is Right.”

Stop drinking all that soda! Or you might have a heart attack.

Speaking of food that will kill you …

Monster fish!

A mastodon tooth reveals something about human history.

Horny prepubescent dinosaurs.

Keep the bugs away by slathering on some stinky frog skin.

Join the Greatest Gadget of All Time Tournament!

“Nine Hacks That Will Make You the Master of Your iPhone”

This day in 1965: Dylan goes electric

APD is losing a bunch of officers.

Hiker rescued from Santa Fe National Forest

Voters could shift this Council this fall.

New Mexico still sucks for kids.