The Daily Word 08.05.07

Weekend Edition

The Daily Word

What?! Anasazi are now called ancestral Puebloans?

Frontier to fly nonstop between Albuquerque and Puerto Vallarta starting in December.

Affordable housing at Mesa del Sol development?

Read about deluded millionaires who don't feel rich.

You win some, you lose some: The house approved government spy powers in wiretap measure, and passed clean energy legislation.

Fossil of the oldest land animal found in Stonehaven, Scotland.

Former astronaut wants to protect humans from asteroid, death from above.

Phoenix Mars Lander shot into space.

Flood sufferers continue to suffer in South Asia.

Thousands have sustained brain damage and don't know it.

Speaking of brain damage, here's some Hollywood gossip.

Some say the cheap fashion trend may be over.

Today's weather is hot and steamy.